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Get-away to Reconnect 

Women's retreat Sacramento

Experiencing a retreat is more than getting away. It is a curated journey full of tools you can take and feel empowered. Guidance and reassurance in your path to continue in your evolution. Take time to get back into your most authentic self, gently. 

Powerful techniques guided by experienced facilitators ready to welcome you.

A warm community full of embrace, ready to walk with you. 

Our Story

We are a collective of women creating & curating spaces for healing and processing growth. Our techniques are holistic; breathwork, massage, energy work, nature, nourishment, education, and community. Improving quality of life one step at a time. Creating a container and holding space for each other in the most tranquil setting. 

Each facilitator brings unique strength and guidance to our circle. Together, we align like the stars and do our best to bring light for those around us. 

Meet The Team

Private group retreats available for groups of 7+ with minimum of an eight week notice for optimal curating of your experience. 

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