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Lymphatic massage; quality approach.

 The best care & space in Sacramento.

Post-surgery lymphatic massage will help prolonged swelling and risks for seromas or other complications. Wound healing for scars, stitches, incisions and guidance for all over care is emphasized for your success. 

Extra wide, automatic, padded table and experienced hands- Ms. Tiffany has 12+ years of experience with patient care and health education.  

This service is also great for immune system support and help with irregular swelling or tenderness. Your therapist can answer all questions and scheduling options


We see clients 2+ days after surgery, with drains, and through all post op recovery in the following months. It's never too late for scar tissue recovery if it's been over a year. We have the best tools and techniques for support in your goals.

Lymphatic massage

Book your appointment, feel better

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