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Your local community sanctuary


Learn how to integrate and reconnect with sacred elements. Encounter your most authentic self; Health education and deeper understanding for the next level client. 

Mazatecan ceremonies with ancestral medicine to expand your mind & elevate your soul. Curated from an experienced health practitioner & curandera (priestess), keeper of this sacred work.

Single source origin for optimal consistency & utmost quality. 

25% of all profits fund "Lemon Tree Academy" orphanage.
A long term goal for helping our most disadvantaged youth be on track for success. 

Consults & Offerings

1:1 Guided trip sitting journey
Mexico B.C.S Todos Santos

Begin your plant medicine integration one step at a time

Single person. Three nights, four days. $3,333

Couples therapy. Sibling therapy. Parent therapy. Generational healing. $5,333

"Trust your journey while reaching for the stars; a mountain is never easy to climb but always a fulfilling reward."
-Ms. Tiffany

Curandera & experienced guide

Ms. Tiffany is a board CMT, neuromuscular therapist, health educator and traveling Curandera. Her training includes psychedelic healing integration taught by indigenous Mazatecan elders passing down traditional rites. Her knowledge of physiology, energetic anatomy, and twelve years of experience, alchemize with ancestral medicine creating a powerful practice. 

Safe Space Bodywork was established in 2016 with the goal of elevating quality of life through massage therapy and health education. Bringing awareness within, empowerment, and learning to navigate this demanding, modern society. Leaning back on our roots, sitting with nature, and processing difficult emotions is the indigenous way towards a healthy mind.

Mountain Therapy is an extension of Safe Space Bodywork serving as a sanctuary for this sacred medicine and those who seek aid.

The strong roots of my ancestry have guided me towards this way of life and supporting others wishing to explore our sacred element in a safe, intentional setting. 

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