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Holistic Healing
self care

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For Everyone

Ms. Tiffany Specializes in: 

*Cupping Therapy

*Scar Tissue

*Migraine Relief & TMJ care 

*Lymphatic drainage and all post op care

*Tummy tuck rehab

*Relaxation/ stress management

* Trauma care and microdosing integration

*Prenatal/ postpartum massage

*Labor Massage for birth planning

*Pediatric Massage

*Abdominal Massage

*CBD massage

*Pain management

*Deep Tissue

*BBL/ 360 Lipo recovery

*Sports massage & Athletic Recovery 

Accepting HSA/ FSA Flex account payments


Doctor refferal form for insurance coverage & reimbursement 

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All sessions are customized to your needs with emphasis on; CONSISTENCY, education, and body awareness. Key factors to improving pain and mobility in your everyday life. Let's work together!

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