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Get-away to Reconnect 


Experiencing a retreat is more than getting away. It is a curated journey full of tools you can take and feel empowered.

Guidance and reassurance in your path to continue in your evolution. Take time to get back into your most authentic self, gently. 

Powerful techniques, beautiful serene settings-

guided by experienced facilitators ready to welcome you.

Día de los Muertos Retreat 

dia de los muertos

Oct 30th- Nov. 3rd
Todos Santos B.C.S

Day 1 Pickup from Cabo San Lucas Intl' airport

Arrival from airport;

settle into your rooms & familiarize yourself with the ranch. Walk to the beach, enjoy fresh snacks from our chef, and decompress in the gorgeous jungle of Mexico. We will enjoy a delicious dinner together before resting for the night. 


Arrival times for airport pickup Wednesday, Oct. 30th are 10am & 4pm.Pack light, be ready for beach time, delicious food, and lot's of relaxation before ceremony day!

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Day 3 Ceremony Day & Día De Los Muertos Celebration

After a light breakfast we will prepare for ceremony at noon. Bring any special items to decorate our altar and set intentions together, or privately before beginning our trip. Around 6pm we will head to town for the Dia De Los Muertos festival and enjoy the pueblo of Todos Santos

MountainTherapy(128) - frame at 0m2s.jpg

The dose for this journey is 1.2G -2g depending on your request

I'm happy to curate your dose accordingly. The festival in the evening is optional. We all feel differently after a plant ceremony. the property is safe and your facilitators will take care of you in the entirety of this trip. 

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Day 5 Departures & Goodbyes 

Leaving is always the hardest. Know that your will leave empowered and supported. Ready to accomplish goals set into motion for completion. The support from our community practitioners is always available through different tools, services, and gatherings. Continue integrating all you've learned. Grow at your own pace with the support you need to thrive. 

Todos Santos

Departure times for airport drop off is Sunday, Nov 3rd afternoon 12pm & 4pm. 

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Day 2 Yacht, Beach Time & Lunch

Our second day will be spent the majority of the time on a luxury yacht exploring all the best beaches La Paz has to offer. We will have exclusive access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world including Balandra & Espiritu Island. October is the warmest time of the year where you will have the option to swim with sea lions. We might spot whales or dolphins- the sea life is rich in this area!

MountainTherapy(77) - frame at 0m9s.jpg

We will have breakfast together before heading to La Paz marina. Lunch will be served on the yacht. The sunsets are so special in this area. Supper will be served in the evening after arriving back to the ranch. 

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Day 4 Spa Day & El Mirador Sunset Dinner

After guiding many ceremonies and my close relationship to our plant allies- rest is the number one thing needed after a big trip. This helps your neural pathways reconnect so much more efficiently!

Sacred soaking is a practice used to recover and balance your nervous system. Sauna, steam room, cold plunge, jacuzzi, & massage pools will be most of our day. 

Spa Day Cabo

Evening sunset Dinner at "El Mirador" restaurant to gently finish our evening. Fire pit under the stars and storytelling before resting for departures in the morning. 

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Post retreat integration care package 

Integration is key to success after your "peak experience" with us. With your return home, you will have a month's supply of microdosing capsules ready to continue therapy. This can be picked up (or shipped to you) in Safe Space Bodywork downtown with Ms. Tiffany.

One 1hr massage session is also included post retreat. Please schedule online or talk to Ms. Tiffany to schedule your dates. 

Ancestral integration

it is encouraged you continue somatic therapy post retreat. whatever that looks like to you, please reach out to a facilitator if you need any support or encouragement when you return home.

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Todos Santos Lodging
We are almost fully booked~
two rooms available as of 4/8

AfterPay & Affirm options available at checkout
Deposit is $555 to reserve your room
Contact Ms. Tiffany if you have any questions

Casa Abuelos private room $4,200 OR Share your room with a buddy for $2,500 each.
Airfare not included. 

Private room with your own  bathroom & shower inside spacious Casa Abuelos. Last private room in Casa Abuelos available. Although we will have a private chef, there is a full kitchen available for your comfort. Enjoy the fire pit outside during the evening. All inclusive itinerary with meals, transportation and activities included; payment plans available.